5 Reasons Roller Skating is Amazing

Roller skating has been around for many years. We have seen many different types of rollers skates such as metal, plastic, fiberglass and leather. So why is roller skating such a popular sport? Many thoughts come to mind when I am asked this question,so here are my top five reasons why roller skating is amazing.

  1. Roller skating is great exercise. Roller skating works most of the muscles in your body. When you skate you have to use your legs, arms, stomach and back muscles to continue movement.
  2. You can roller skate indoors and outdoors. When the weather is nice, you can go to your local parks and enjoy the outdoors (see our post about skating outdoors here, https://www.threefountainsrecreation.com/2020/07/5-tips-for-skating-outdoors ). When the weather is not as nice, head to your local skating rink and enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment.
  3. You have different types of roller skates to choose from. Some skaters choose the traditional style of roller skates, also referred to as quads. Quads have four wheels on each skate with two wheels per side. Others choose inlines or roller blades. These particular skates can have 3 to 5 wheels per skate positioned in a straight line. You can also pick from different types of boots to get the best fit for your foot.
  4. You can skate with friends or family or just take time for yourself. Roller skating is great for families to spend quality time together. This is a sport that is good for all ages. Roller skating is also a great way to spend time with friends. It is excellent for socializing and entertainment. On the other hand some people roller skate just to take a relaxing stroll to relieve stress from everyday life.
  5. The roller skating community is amazing. Once you have entered the world of roller skating, you will be welcomed into a world of talent, skill and knowledge. Roller skating is a world wide community and everyone shares the love of the sport.

These are only five reasons that roller skating is an amazing sport. Many more reasons can be added to the list, but that would be more reading and less time to start roller skating. For those who have decided to start roller skating, welcome to the community.

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