Reserve your party today!

Starting at $10.50 per child


Party includes:

-Unlimited skating and miniature golf for each child

-30 minute serving time

-A party host who will set up, serve and clean up your party during your serving time.

-We provide one cup of Pepsi  and one cup of ice cream for each child (you may choose a slice of pizza instead of ice cream or for $1.00 more per child you can have one slice of pizza and one cup of ice cream per child)

– The birthday child will get a free pass or a t-shirt .

There is no cost for parents if they are not skating.  It is $3.50 per person for parents to have a cup of ice cream and a cup of Pepsi or $4.50 per person for a cup of ice cream, a slice of pizza and a cup of pepsi.

-$25.00 deposit required.

What you bring:

Cake, plates, napkins and spoons.

There is no minimum number of guest required.

Call and book you party today!

(803) 359-1123


(803) 542-4578

you can email any questions to 

[email protected]